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Family Fishing Trips 

Dave's Fishing Charters
offers the entire family a unique and enjoyable experience, blending adventure, education, and relaxation on the water. With a reputation for safety and expertise, Dave's charters are designed to accommodate both seasoned pros and beginners, making it an inclusive activity for all ages. Dave’s Fishing Charters creates memorable experiences that bring families closer together, making it the perfect outing for any family looking to enjoy the outdoors.

Do kids need a fishing license in Michigan?
In Michigan, children under 17 do not need a fishing license to fish. 
 Children are allowed to fish without a license but must still follow all the state's fishing regulations, such as size limits, possession limits, and season restrictions. Adults assisting the children in fishing need a valid fishing license if they are actively participating in the fishing activities.
How much is a fishing license in Michigan?
In Michigan, the cost of a fishing license for 2024 varies depending on residency status and age. Currently, fishing licenses for Michigan residents are $26, and $76 for nonresidents. Michigan seniors (aged 65 and older) can purchase a license for $11. Voluntary youth licenses for kids 17 and younger can be purchased for $2.
What age should kids start fishing?
Children can start fishing as early as age 2 to 4, depending on their interests and motor skills. At this age, kids can begin with simple tasks like holding the rod and reeling in the line under close supervision. The key is to keep the experience fun and stress-free. As children grow older and develop better coordination and patience, they can take on more aspects of fishing independently.

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